Monday, December 13, 2010

Ceremony last Wednesday in Hollywood...

Last Wednesday was another indication of how powerfully God is moving in Hollywood. I attended a dedication ceremony of a new permanent housing facility for the chronically homeless in Hollywood. "Michael's House" is an old motel that has been renovated and will take 32 homeless people off the streets and into a place of their own - a place that will provide the physical and mental help that they need. While this in itself is great, what really shows the hand of God in all this is the Christian people who are involved in this at the foundational level. One lady in particular is on the "Hollywood HUB" team of which I am the coordinator - a team composed of ministry leaders from churches and organizations around Hollywood who are committed to work together in UNITY to see Hollywood changed for Jesus Christ. This lady spoke at the ceremony, and afterwards, she and I talked about how Christian volunteers from the Hollywood churches will be the instruments at these kinds of facilities who will really impact the homeless. The city is beginning to realize that Christians must be present and active in these initiatives, because we make up the large pool from which to draw volunteers (in case you haven't heard, California government is broke financially and can't pay for all the help it needs). It reminds me of stories in the Bible like Daniel, where people who honor God are put in places of prominence and given favor to accomplish the purposes of God. And here is this lady who is standing in such a position!

Please pray for our Hollywood HUB meeting coming up this Wednesday (15th), that we as a group would have wisdom to know how to continue to move forward in unifying the churches to impact the city of Hollywood for the Kingdom of God! Thanks!