Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Olympia 2010!

It's hard to believe that another Mr. Olympia bodybuilding and fitness competition is upon us! This is the "Super Bowl" of bodybuilding, so everyone in the industry will be there. It is an exciting and exhausting weekend where many prayers are prayed with athletes and officials and many Scriptures passages are read. There are new relationships formed and old ones maintained and furthered. God's power is always at work everywhere we look. It is truly an amazing weekend! This year, Andy & Deby Steiner, Fred Krause and myself will be ministering at the event. Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides each step we take, gives us the exact right words to say to each individual, and that lives are forever changed by the love of Jesus Christ! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazing Homeless Feeding...

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! Last Wednesday evening was an amazing night of feeding the homeless in the Studio City/North Hollywood area through our new church plant - Community of Hope. I have been spending quite a few hours just sitting and talking with the homeless during the day, developing relationships and just loving on them. So when it came time for our feeding last week, a man named James who is really excited about what we're doing, called together about 17 homeless people to meet in the park. When we pulled up and saw all these people here in one spot, it blew our minds! We got to sit and talk with each of them while they ate, and it was amazing! It really showed me and all of our people that the mission for our church is clear and will be powerful as we trust in God to continue to lead the way. We want to put our faith into action in our community and watch the power of God transform our city! Thanks for your continued prayers!