Thursday, March 26, 2009

In With The New...

This is an exciting weekend for 2 reasons! In 1 hour, we leave to pick up Holly's father who is coming to town for a few day visit. Living 2200 miles from home means you don't get to see family very often; so when they do come, it is very exciting and encouraging. Pray that Holly's father is also encouraged and strengthened as he sees what God is doing here in Hollywood.

Secondly, our church is moving into its new home this weekend!! After almost 3 years of sharing our current location, we are finally spreading our wings and having a place of our own! It is a beautiful building and is only 8 minutes from our old church. On Saturday, we have a work day, and many people are coming to help clean, load heavy things, paint, or just lend a helping hand wherever needed. Praise the Lord for this new season we are about to begin as the local body of Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Artists in Christian Testimony...

For those of you who wonder why you send your donations to Artists in Christian Testimony and not to me out here in LA, I want to clarify. Artists in Christian Testimony is the missions-sending agency that Stronghold Ministries is under. Byron Spradlin is the founder and president of the organization, which focuses on sending out "ministers of Jesus Christ" who desire to serve God outside of the traditional avenues of ministry. Just as artists are creative, so are the creative callings of those under the banner of ACT. I have been with ACT since 2003, and were it not for them, I would probably have not even come to Hollywood! They have been such a God-send to Stronghold, providing us with not only our tax-exempt status, but also book-keeping, accountability, and encouragement.

Yesterday, Holly and I literally spent the whole day with Byron and other ACT ministries from the LA area (10am-9pm). It was an encouragement to hear what God is doing through other people and callings. We thank God for ACT and all it is doing for the kingdom of God. Please visit their website to learn more about this wonderful organization:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic...

(Sorry to everyone for not posting this before I actually went to Columbus, OH to minister at the Arnold Classic.)

Wow! What a week it's been! I left Tuesday, March 3rd for Columbus. But first on Wednesday, I officiated the wedding ceremony of my best friend Andy Steiner and Deby Tonini in Indiana. Andy has ministered with me at Stronghold from its inception in 2002. I am happy for both of them and pray God's richest blessings on them in the days to come.

Then on Thursday, Andy, Deby, and I drove the 179 miles to Columbus to meet up with Keith Jones, another minister who helps with Stronghold. The weekend was amazing as God gave us divine words to speak into people's hearts. I would literally walk through the athlete's hotel room door and God would put a certain scripture passage in my mind. And sure enough, God's word would penetrate their heart, giving them new insight and encouragement to live their lives for Jesus.

On Saturday night, I had an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room. An ingrown hair on my leg over the period of 1 week had progressed into an absess and staff infection. Praise the Lord for Dr. Dave Ryan who helped guide me through what I needed to do. Dr. Ryan is an awesome man of God who helps so many in our industry. Now my leg is healing fine thanks to the healing power of Jesus Christ!

Then on Sunday, Andy, Deby, and I drove back to Indiana where we spoke at a church concerning what God is doing through Stronghold Ministries. It was a great encouragement to hear about all of the people who are praying daily for this ministry. May God richly bless you all for your constant prayers and support!