Monday, October 20, 2008


Hey everyone! Yep, I'm trying something new! New is good, right?!

It is my desire to keep everyone more up to date with what is happening with Stronghold Ministries. God continues to move in mighty ways, and you guys need to know about it! News, pictures, testimonials, and events will be placed here for you to check out.

Exciting times are ahead for Stronghold Ministries, and I pray that you will partner along with us in the journey. We greatly desire your prayers and support! Your prayers can open up the doors of opportunity, bring God's blessing and protection, and also encourage us in our mission. This ministry is funded strictly by donations, so the more that is received, the more lives God can impact through Stronghold! Every donation you make is tax-deductible. Just click on the "Donate Now" icon on the blog side-bar and follow the instructions. Thanks!

To get more info on the ministry, please log-on to

Check back here often and I hope to talk to ya' soon!