Monday, October 18, 2010

Olympia a success!

What a powerful time we had at the 2010 Olympia bodybuilding and fitness weekend in Las Vegas! Stronghold Ministries ended up taking 7 professional bodybuilders and fitness athletes to the Sunrise Children's Hospital to visit those children stricken with sickness or injury. It was such an emotionally moving time for all involved. In fact, some of the athletes were moved to tears. We pray that each of these children receives the help they need to be healed! It is exciting to see people in this industry giving back to those who are less fortunate. We hope to do another event at the 2011 Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH.

The rest of the weekend was an amazing time of praying with athletes, holding a chapel service, visiting hotel rooms to read the Bible with people, and forming new relationship with various athletes, officials, and vendors. Many athletes came up to me that weekend and thanked the Stronghold team for impacting them in such a life-changing way. Hearing things like that encourage us to continue to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the wonderful people of this industry! Thank you for your prayers!

Also, please pray for this Wednesday as we hold another homeless feeding here in North Hollywood. Pray that people show up and are their lives are impacted by the love of Jesus! Thanks!